hair loss treatmen for womenProvillus is a very effective treatment for stopping and reversing hair loss. It has active ingredients that have been clinically proven to help hair re-growth. Unfortunately, some of these agents can cause the Provillus side effects that you may have seen, or heard about online.

However, the side effects are not purely as a result of the normal use of this hair loss treatment. There are a number of preventable factors that can cause these problems that you may not have read in the Provillus side effect reviews online. But first, it is important to identify the side effects first.

Dandruffs and Skin Irritation

Skin irritation has been documented as one of the side effects that results from the use of Minoxidil. Minoxidil is one of the key agents that is found in Provillus. It has been proven to be effective in reversing both male and female pattern baldness.

The skin irritation that is caused by Minoxidil appears to be simply an irritation than a health problem. You are likely not to experience any serious health or skin problem, other than the irritation that you feel after using the product for some time. For most people, the irritation is a minor discomfort, which they can ignore, in order to realize the results of this treatment. This proves that provillus scam is not true.

Dandruff is another of the Provillus side effects in women and men, that you will probably experience. Just like scalp irritation, this side effect is only cosmetic and may be caused by the use of substandard products. The irritation may also be caused by the reaction between the ointment and other hair and beauty products you use every day.

Rapid Heart Beat and Dizziness

Provillus can also have more severe side effects that you need to take note of. This hair loss treatment contains a vasodilator in the form of Minoxidil. Scientists are not sure how it helps to reverse hair loss.

However, it is believed that this ingredient helps to promote the flow of blood and nutrients to the follicles. This helps to revive the follicles that have become dormant. Unfortunately, this can also cause increased blood flow in parts of the body, which may be experienced as rapid heartbeat. A number of people have reported feeling dizzy.


How to Minimize and Avoid side Effects

Most of the side effects are preventable. The first thing you need to do is to visit a qualified doctor, or consult a health practitioner. This is important, if you will have any form of cardiovascular disease, such as diabetes or heart problems. If you have had any form of respiratory problems in the past, it is also advisable to seek the advice of a doctor.

You also need to follow the prescription as instructed. The Provillus side effects ingredients will most likely not have any effect, if used properly. The Azelaic acid will cause skin irritation, if applied in quantities that are in excess of what is recommended.

Similarly, Minoxidil will cause severe side effects if it is abused. This is because Minoxidil was a drug used to treat heart complications, before its hair regrowth capabilities were discovered. The treatment may take weeks and sometimes months, before the results can be seen. Sometimes, this makes some users impatient and they may choose to apply a little bit more than they have been advised in order to get the kind of results they want.

Some beauty products you may be using on your hair may be reacting with the treatment, and this could cause skin irritation or dandruff. Try to discontinue the use of some of the beauty products for some time. If the skin irritation persists, then you should discontinue the use of those skin care products altogether, as long as you are still using Provillus.

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